Vint Cerf

Bob Kahn

Bob Kahn

Bob Kahn and Vint Serf created the primary communication protocols of the internet.

Bob Kahn is an electrical engineer who recieved his B.E.E. from City College of New York in 1960, and his M.A. and PhD from Princeton in 1962 and 1964. He worked at Bell Laboratories, as an assistant professor at MIT and at Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN).

He began working at the Information Processing Techniques Office at DARPA in 1972 and that fall demonstrated the ARPANET at International Computer Communication Conference. Afterwards he developed the TCP/IP protocols which allowed computers of all kinds to connect to a variety of networks.

Vint Cerf joined the project in 1973.

Vint Cerf obtained his B.S. degree in Mathematics from Stanford University and worked at IBM before going to graduate school. He earned his M.S. in 1970 and PhD in 1972 from UCLA. While in graduate school, Cerf began to work with packets that connected the ARPANET. He also met Kahn during that time, who was working on ARPANET architecture. Together they created the host to host protocols of TCP/IP.

The  protocols allowed the network to exist on a global level without one point of control, therefore eliminating the risk of network failure due to failure of a control point. The protocols also informed a sender of information if their information was received or not. The sender would receive a packet known as acknowledgement (ACK) with the information on whether their item was received or lost. The information was also accompanied with a packet named checksum that ensured that it was not damaged in the process.

They co-founded the Internet Society in 1992 to provide a governing body for internet related education and standards.

In 1997, the pair was awarded by President Bill Clinton the U. S. National Medal of Technology.

Cerf received the Alan M. Turing award in 2004 and both he and Kahn were inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2012.

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